Monday, August 16  Issue #47

Send a note to the Forest Service in support of our natural forests.

Show your support! Join the Kerry-Edwards campaign.

Jeb Bush is a MFing racist bastard.

Is the Post coming down in favor of gay marriage?...(read again...)Is the Post coming down in favor of gay marriage?...(read again...)

All I can say is: Keep Dahlia, kick Dowd and Friedman out for good, NYTimes.

Eric Alterman blasts PBS for its selection of moronic asshole Tucker Carlson as show host.

Is this a real threat, or simply Pakistan wagging Dubya's dog?

WaPo takes yet another look at Bush's pseudo-fiscal policy.

The Capital Times correctly points out how Kerry stupidly missed a golden opportunity to seperate his foreign policy from the Moron in Chief.

"A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden."

"That's why you've got to be careful about this rhetoric, we're only going to tax the rich. You know who the -- the rich in America happen to be the small business owners. That's what that means."
-August 9, 2004

Regular readers of the CEM will recognize today's Blog of the Day. Nick Lewis runs Net Politik in the true tradition of an independent, intelligent, and amazingly insightful commentator. One NP feature was even used as a History Lesson entry in these pages, and undoubtedly, Nick's writing will be included in Blogworthy for the forseeable future. If you want fluff commentary or cut-and-paste blogging, don't bother checking Net Politik. But if you are up for insightful and provocative views on a wide-range of social and political subjects, this is a must-read blog.

Digby takes on the Democrats mediocre media response team.

Joel Caris writes a blistering denouncement of the middle class squeeze that not only threatens our society, but may well destabilize our democracy. You may want to read his previous post on the tax cuts for a more in-depth analysis.

Philip Carter at Intel Dump lambastes Max Boot for his off-the-mark review of General Tommy Frank's glossed-over new book.

Over at The Left Coaster, Steve Soto puts his pimp-hand down on Bush's miserable foreign policies.

What exactly are we bloggers getting ourselves into? Dedurkheim at Rising Hegemon brings an opinion that we all should respect: we do what must be done, that which has not been done well enough to preserve our basic freedoms.

Though not a political entry, oyster at YRHT had me laughing hysterically with this entry.

The protests in Boston were mild and orderly, and for good reason. There isn't much to demonstrate against in the Democratic agenda. But as Steve Bates notes, the GOP convention may well go down as a dirty, freedom-repressing affair. As he says, we're with you New York. We got your back.

Publius at Legal Fiction takes a semantic look at Dahlia's NYTimes post.

NORML has a list of upcoming marijuana initiatives on the 2004 ballot. See if one is local to you.

Provo editorial calls for end to marijuana overkill.

Cannabis extracts actually shrink brain tumors, yet another reason to end this senseless prohibition.

Neighbors asked to turn in neighbors in Utah.

The Poor Man plays poker with Dick Cheney...

Come on, faithful CEM readers, show BlogShares some love. It can be quite addicting, plus the index feature allows you to search for blogs in hundreds of categories. Everytime you click (time period, restricted, naturally), I can get 50 text ad impressions on the site for free advertisement.

Ocean Bridge is a serious art site that takes existing photographs and transforms them into hand-painted works in various styles. Being a serious site means expensive work, but for anyone who is an art fanatic, these people can turn your photos, be it friends, family, landscapes, or anything else, into a painting in the style you desire.

Jim Gilliam has put together a long video of the Paul Krugman-Bill O'Reilly debate. It's tough to watch since O'Reilly is such an inept, disgusting ass-clown who couldn't find a fact if it were rammed up his butt. Gilliam has superimposed actual facts over the clip when O'Reilly obviously lies about his information. Again, tough to watch, but pass this one on to your GOP relatives (you know, the ones you don't admit you have) who think Bill O'Lielly is somehow more than a douchebag. (Big thanks to BagnewsNotes)


Claps to the 1,100 Iraqis who showed up at a provincial meeting to protest the military assault in Najaf. Exercising the true freedoms of democracy, the protestors were able to peacefully bring an amazing shift in policy toward the situation, one which will likely leave American officials scratching their heads in wonderment. While still a fledgling democracy, Iraq is quickly becoming a hotbed of free expression and appropriate outrage at military operations in Najaf and other cities. It is becoming clear that U.S. intervention should diminish quickly as Iraqis, while still existing in political turmoil, must determine their own course of action. This meeting sparks a new belief in the Iraqi people's strength, though a backlash at American soldiers is unfortunately a likely result. Yet another reason to get the hell out of Hell, and bring our boys and girls back home before we lose another one to senseless warfare.

Slaps to John Harris, staff writer for the Washington Post, for showing he knows just how to blow the President when he really needs to take a load off. Harris's fluff piece in Monday morning's edition provides absolutely no news, no information, and basically serves as a Sunday School primary for potential Bush visits. Lets all just grab a beer and sit around with the "shirtsleeves" President as he smirks that Kerry "might change his mind", all the while, our troops fight bloody battles in dozens of Iraqi cities. Amazing how a decent paper such as the Post can employ such a moronic, unintelligent, and clearly non-creative jackass as Harris for a piece which appears on page 2. Oh, wait, then again, this is the Washington Post...should we expect anything else?

My Middle Finger goes once again to U.S. military planners who ignorantly believe killing Sadr will end insurgent and terroristic attacks on American soldiers. As fighting rages on, the U.S. readies for an all-out assault on Najaf in an attempt to slaughter the Cleric's army once and for all. But as pointed out in Claps, there is strong opposition to U.S. actions there, and further violence will only grow the opposition, not diminish it. As was seen with the growth of terrorist cells in Iraq after the American invasion, eliminating a strong, central figure will simply open the door for greater demand for violence. The U.S. must pull back, abandon Najaf for the time being, and allow Iraqis to control their own destiny. We cannot allow our soldiers to sacrifice their lives in a power-struggle over a city rightly claimed by incumbent Iraqi citizens. This senseless, ignorant aggression must end, and it must end now. Sadly, it is not to be...

Animal hoarders do far more harm than good.

Net-tangled whale still missing off California coast.

Stamford, CT woman takes in feral cats.

Martin Frost is trying to hold onto a Congressional seat in the recently redistricted 24th in Texas. His new district will be the 32nd, and instead of having an easy coast to reelection, the Tom Delay redistricting scam has caused a group of Representatives, termed in the blogosphere as the Texas-5, to face serious challenges. Frost has been a solid Democrat, and is well liked by his constiuents. The new district includes a much stronger GOP base, and may take a tremendous effort by Frost and his team to remain in the hands of the Democrats.

God help them make it through this.


During this time when the world comes together to compete in friendly competition, lets not forget that tragic day in Munich during the 1972 Olympics when 11 Israeli atheletes were slain by terrorists.

No BobbleGovernator? Fine, just piss on him instead.


Colin Powell being used effectively by White House, captures wanted fugitive single-handed.(this deserves a picture...look at those eyes!)


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