Tuesday, July 20  Issue #33

QUICK NOTE from Island Dave
Starting in this issue, the section formerly known as NEWSWORTHY will hence forth be converted to a new section called BLOGWORTHY. Instead of articles from newspapers, journalists, newswires, and similar "mainstream" sources, the new section will offer a selection of articles in the blogosphere. Though not representative of the content of the entire liberal blogosphere, the links will be to those articles that I particularly enjoyed, were outraged by, or feel are important views on an issue. From sites on well-known blogs like Daily Kos (and including the numerous Kossacks), to lesser-known, but no less relevant and important blogs such as Blog of the Day candidates Collective Sigh and Hairy Fish Nuts, this section will offer a brief glimpse into stories worthy of your notice on liberal blogs.

Sign the FTC complaint filed by MoveOn.org and Common Cause against Fox broadcasting for the usage of the deceptive term "Fair and Balanced".

Urge your Senators to block the appointment of William Myers to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Tell various government representatives that you want equal rights for all people.

WaPo's E.J. Dionne looks at the impact Howard Dean had on this year's Democratic campaign for the Presidency.

Iyad Allawi is no better than Saddam; this needs to be front page news.

The Boston Globe looks at U.S. casualties in Iraq since the transfer of power.

Friday's NYT mea culpa for its failure to do its duty in regards to war with Iraq.

Excerpt from Time Magazine article addresses the Bush administration slight to homeland security spending.

Floridians pay millions for state to fight disclosure of felons' list.

A long New Republic article looks at Bush misleading everyone with price estimates for the Medicare bill.

A small good-news story amidst the chaos in our military affairs.

Delay ethics probe likely dead before beginning, thanks to his cronies on the ethics committee in Congress.

American Prospect looks at just how expensive those swing voters are.

John Nichols looks at the dangerous precident set by Republicans canceling primaries.

"We may not imagine how our lives could be more frustrating and complex--but Congress can."
-Cullen Hightower

"But we've got a big border in Texas, with Mexico, obviously -- and we've got a big border with Canada -- Arizona is affected. "
-June 24, 2004

The Invisible Library is the blog of a self-professed "radical librarian." From politics and war to books and three-way sex "alternative lifestyles", the Library will voice an opinion you've got to respect. Bonus: pics of his cat.

New law in Salt Lake City prohibits the use of certain common words, such as "unity" and "justice" when displaying items. What else is now prohibited might surprise you. (thanks to oyster at Your Right Hand Thief for the link)

Maryscott O'Connor is one of the most active, engaging, and intelligent posters on Daily Kos. Her comments are often edgy and provocative, but a recent diary entry really outshines all others. Please read her story here.

Island Dave's Monday Daily Kos diary entry concerns the callup of a 68 year-old reservist for duty in Iraq.

Attaturk at Rising Hegemon breaks it to you gently...not! We live in a imperial empire, one unlike any which has ever existed argues Attaturk.

Oregon journalist looks at medical marijuana laws.

Draconian drug warriors want parents to lie to their children.

The Center for American Progress studied the impact of Iraq deployments on reservist and National Guard members. The situation is extremely dire, more so than many realize.

The Animal Rescue Site is a valuable resource for animal lovers. You can click a link once per day, causing sponsor organizations to contribute to an animal welfare fund. Make sure to click daily!

The National Park Service offers users an opportunity to discover information on their favorite national parks. There are literally hundreds of parks to choose from, including national reserves and sites of historical interest.

Seymour Hersh's speech before the ACLU has been causing many shocks around Washington. We all knew that torture was taking place in Iraqi jails, but Hersh's accusations are beyond damning. He claims to have seen video of American GIs raping Iraqi boys and says, to paraphrase, that the boys' shrieking was the worst part. Horrible as this accusation is, we must pay attention and take this crime to its perpetrators, no matter how high we have to go. You can watch Hersh's speech before the ACLU here. Hersh starts speaking at about the 1hr7min mark.


Claps to former President Jimmy Carter and others for pleading with the Supreme Court to rule juvenile executions unconstitutional. While I have grave doubts about the legal aspects of such a plea, Carter's incredible ability to force imporant issues to the popular forefront should add weight to this complex and troubling issue. Certainly there are acts for which execution by the state should be warranted. However, in any tolerant society, we must allow our children to make mistakes. Though not excusing any actions taken which cause irreparable harm to others, we nonetheless must err on the side of caution in utilizing such an extreme punishment. Our youth deserve the chance to reestablish themselves in society, even if that requires an extended stay in corrections facilities, rather than face execution for an act which is at least in part due to home life and parental treatment.

Slaps to the media for allowing the Bush administration to steal the ball on the Iran-Al Qaida issue. For anyone who has followed this closely, as has Current Events Monitor, the link was long assumed and fairly well substantiated long ago. Iran has offered assistance in the past, though certainly not always overtly or through obvious government outlets. Bush has managed to take this issue, brought to light by interim reports from the 9-11 Commission, and turn it into one which makes him appear proactive in the fight against Al-Qaida. In fact, Bush has long avoided substantial reports that both Iran and Saudi Arabia assisted the terrorists in some facet prior to the 2001 tragedy. Instead of acting upon such reports early, Bush invaded Iraq in a bait-and-switch, and now has switched-and-baited the situation back the other way to appear focused on Iran. Now, of course, the media suddenly notices the potential Iran-Qaida links after years of outlying speculation and back-page reporting on such ties which are light-years beyond any involving Iraq and the terror group. The CIA, however, denies that substantial ties exist beyond safe-passage for terrorists through Iran.

My Middle Finger points pointedly at the Department of Agriculture for refusing to compensate black farmers under an agreement reached five years ago, settling claims of discrimination in procuring loans and aid. Justice Department lawyers spent loads of tax money aggressively fighting the payments, which were to come out of the $3 billion settlement reached previously. Over 90%, according to an Environmental Working Group study, were denied compensation. Our nation will never begin to work effectively towards solving racial issues until we are able to admit the racism inherent in our current government. To spend tax money to fight the payments is insane. To deny the payments to these farmers is simply criminal.

Pittsburgh-area community members could face fine or jail time for feeding strays.

Links between domestic and animal abuse are strong.

Houston woman arrested for leaving puppy in scorching-hot car.

Mel Fox is running a tough race in the 6th Congressional district of Indiana. This Purdue graduate spent eight years working in the Department of Agriculture under President Clinton, and was the first woman to head the Farm Service Agency. Her background in agriculture leads to strong support for farmers, as well as an inherent belief in the importance of everyday people. Education and homeland security are two issues she works hard to improve, and hopes to take her pro-children agenda to Congress this year.


Tom Ridge has raised the terror alert to threat level Ernie in response.


Does anyone still believe that George W. Bush supports our troops? Maybe you should take a look back at his stance last year on funding health care for National Guard and Reservists.

Oklahoma race turns ugly...sort of.

Jerry Falwell: Breaking the law, Christian-style.

In the War on Terrorism, the Homeland Security Department is really doing a great job. [/sarcasm]


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